Your Alliance in Manufacturing Extraordinary Motherboards

Taken is not your usual manufacturer. We go above the standards and ensure 100% quality on every motherboard we produce. You’ll no longer need to look for other sources because we have it all. We also manufacture reliable USB connectors. We are your alliance in delivering quality products to your customers. We are committed to maintaining our undisputed name in this industry.

Top of the Line Electronic Materials

Our fibreglass boards have insulation to prevent overheating for a maximum performance. The copper tracks we use are also tested 3x prior installation. From fabrication to etching, we do them all with tight screening and testing using only the top of the line electronic materials. A tech blogmight not cover these things but know that the materials used on motherboards are behind the fast or poor performance of a computer. Our USB connectors are no different, from the wire to metals and coating, they are all made of high-quality materials.

Strict QA and Testing

Our team of experts handling the QA and testing of motherboards on every stage of the production is being given significant importance here at Taken. We meticulously test all the motherboards before releasing them for packaging. Our procedures in making these motherboards are state-of-art similar to the art you’ll see in van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. We take pride in what we do. We never allow any mistake and defects on every batch. If one of the motherboards of a particular batch is defective, the whole batch will be rejected. We’ll explain the process on one of our blogs to give you a glimpse of how meticulous we are.


After Sales Support

One of the things you have to consider in choosing a manufacturer is their capability of giving out support and assistance after the sale is made. We are glad to inform you that Taken has a team of experts to assist you in inquiries in the case of issues. We will help out in providing useful resources to your customers on maximizing the features of their motherboard. You can easily reach out to our team when you need them the most. Rest assured that your business is taken seriously. This is the trademark of Taken and what sets us apart from our counterparts. Here at taken, we will be with you from the manufacturing process until the end.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our organization provides state-of-the-art facilities for our staff to create these heavy duty motherboards. Our facilities are complete with industry standard equipment and tools. There is also a designated facility for innovating designs and models. We believe that with the proper environment and the right people, we can create world-class motherboards you can sell to the world.