Signs of Defects or Failures in Motherboards

Signs of Defects or Failures in Motherboards

As much as you would like to keep your motherboards, they are also subject to wear and tear. Here are the signs you should look for to determine whether your motherboard should be replaced.

Unusual Restarts

There are other reasons as to why your computer do unusual restarts. It could be signs of a virus and hard disk errors. But after you’ve done all the troubleshooting to the point you missed out so much inAmsterdam holiday, then it could be a sign of a faulty motherboard. If you have no experience in troubleshooting your motherboard’s functionality, taking your computer to a reputable computer repair shop is highly advisable.

Inflated Capacitors

Inflated capacitors are easy to detect. You’ll notice the unusual change of size of these capacitors. Without functioning capacitors, your motherboard is subject to overheating which could damage the CPU and other elements in your computer. Good news, you can replace the inflated capacitors instead of buying a whole new set of a motherboard withvoucher codes.

Blue Screens

Blue screens are the scariest error you could encounter. It indicates many issues like hardware and BIOS issue. Every time a blue screen prompts on your monitor, always capture the error code. Try to fix your computer using the solutions provided by Microsoft. But if nothing is working, your motherboard can be beyond repair. There are things you can salvage such as your CPU, RAM, and hard disk so you don’t have to spend big.

Ardent Smell

If your motherboard produces a burning smell similar to the smell of a burning plastic, shut down your computer right away. Don’t forget to unplug as well to prevent further damage to your motherboard. This is an indicator that you added an incompatible component. Review the components you have added such as ram, video card, and hard disk. Every motherboard has compatible components. Before you buy, make sure that all these components are compatible. If you are not techy, you can let the people at the shop help you set up your computer.